Fitness and Intense Training House is a top end sports performance program. FAITH’s main focus is helping others be the best person they can be, while enhancing their abilities to perform. We welcome anyone who is willing to take life up a notch to join us on this journey. Top athletes have been trained here and many lives have been impacted. This place is not only a fitness entity, but it is a place of education; an outreach to the community, and a joyous environment. A place where you can come and grow in your faith and more. Fitness and Intense Training House is a place where imperfect people get together to help an imperfect world.



When I was 17 I wanted to train my friends and help us all improve in our sports so I took control. I tried a lot of different things in which some didn’t work, some did, nonetheless we flourished. Trial & error has pushed me to new doors, challenging the person I am. I’ve been in positions where I was left alone and positions where I was surrounded by love. My journey in life so far has led me to start my own business which will help others grow not only in a physical aspect but spiritually, mentally, and educationally. I started to take training others serious when I was 18 and realized I loved to help others accomplish things. My 6 years of experience in this field has been nothing but amazing learning new things everyday. I am glad to say that I am now at peace with putting football down to pursue this business of helping others while I’m still growing. Life is a beautiful thing, but it’s more beautiful when you spend it with others. I use to put football before everything. I went through a very humbling time in my life that has brought me to the truth. As I got older my plan became irrelevant as GODs plan became relevant. Life’s not about me, it’s about GOD and what he has in store for this FAITH movement, for everyone. I can’t wait!