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Training for all, from the inside out

Faith solutions

We create customized programs and solutions to help organizations, teams, and individuals meet their human performance potential — no matter how they define it.

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Personal training by Faith

At FAITH, we believe that taking control of your personal health is a challenge that starts on inside and ends with an outward transformation. We're here to position you in the best way to take control your health and guide you in the process of full transformation from the inside out.

Workout with Kettlebells


The FAITH bootcamp is strategically designed to help you transform into a better version of you. Transforming lives from the inside out, FAITH boot camps are here to help you enjoy working out while enjoying an uplifting family filled environment. The bootcamp will consists of 60 minutes of fun, sweaty, exciting, moderate to high intensity cardiovascular exercises.



Our sole purpose for all high school athletes is to help them to understand that servant leadership is more important than egos. Developing each athlete from the inside out, we want all athletes to compete at high levels. Our system is structured to put place God at the center of everything, while increasing their skills on the playing field. Molding young women, and men into the best versions of themselves.

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Highschool Students


A very competitive group session to partake in. Each, and every session is filled with energetic competitive fun, helping you elevate to a top tier level. If you want to stand out by dominating your sport at your level this is where you want to be.

College students that don’t partake in sports have a blast as well while they go through many challenging exercises. This session allows you to train like an athlete while obtaining your goals. The results are worth every moment!

College Students


Online training with FAITH allows you put in transformative work in your own environment. These classes are perfect for the busy Mom, tight work schedules, or those seeking training from the comfort of their home.


Push yourself to new levels with virtual person coaching as our team members bring you online education programs with expert guidance. 


Training at Home
Online Training
Healthy Woman

& Wellness

Included with every personal training service by FAITH, nutrition and wellness is a staple for completing a successful mind body transformation. 


FAITH helps guide you to give your body the right fuel with a balanced diet to make the most of your athletic talents and gain more strength, power, and endurance when you train.

Nutrition and Wellness

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